a place for everything… and time is no exception.

While this will not be the first post published, it is certainly the inspiration for the content. Heck, I am not even certain when this will actually “go live.” I tend to build a queue to pull from as I start thoughts and go back to them as the thoughts evolve. Sometimes I post immediately, but most often I need to marinate the concepts a bit. I tell myself it is a fine whine. 😉 Punny. Anyways, enough rambling. What the heck am I talking about anyway? Who knows. Runaway now.

I had an urge to write again. Writing is therapeutic. Between the screenplay that I am converting to a manuscript and an autobiographical fiction piece I am mapping, I needed a break to think in segments. I wanted a place to share the randomness that is me. My other blog, thebusinessdude.blog, is still there. However, the content is mostly business-related. I needed a moment away from the business. Away from work. I wanted a place that could house all of the arguments that I have with myself or ponderings that I have over a tea or coffee. And then eureka – I had it. Alas, it came from a business-related concept for an organization. 5S. A way to organize things. In fact, the linked entry is also part of the title of this blog. Ironic, don’t you think. (Yeah I really do think. #sings #coughs #singsmore ) I needed a place to just be and to write. I needed to care for me. I think all of us need some escape – whatever that means to us.

Time is a funny thing. Original thought, I know. Yet it is something that is constant. It keeps passing by. Change is constant. Thought and evolution of it are constant. Now that I think about it… There are only a few things in my life that have happened just as they were planned. I am not talking about an event that was planned and happened. Surely, we can expect those. I am going deeper. Did each piece of the thing happen just as you had predicted or planned that it would? No adjustments or curveballs? If so, I would like to shake your hand. I would like to know what that feels like. I may even be a little bit “jelly” (which is my attempt to maintain my coolness of and use new words that are generations away from “da bomb”). Regardless, I think you get the intended point that I am trying to make.

I have been conducting a lot of self-evaluation. Much research time and many Hygge nights have transpired over the course of the past couple of years. Each day while driving 30+ mins. each way for work I play a podcast, audiobook, or some other audible. I have come to appreciate the time. I even look forward to and really value it. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone. That is, finding some way to build in a few minutes each day, to continue expanding your thoughts, ideas and definitely self-reflection. Avoid stagnation. It is my experience that people (probably over-generalizing here) react to time and the day by calendars. Calendars can be digital, paper, or some mental concoction that keeps jumbling together. The schedules in smart devices ping and ding and then it is off to the next… I even know people that schedule a “fun time.” If that is you, perhaps you may have taken on a few too many things, but at least applaud the scheduling of personal time. The person who does that recognizes that fun, reflection or quiet time is critical. Time and place.

Living Forward, a sort of life planning book with a twist, explains the value of creating a schedule, a life, with purpose. As Covey would say, “begin with the end in mind.” This book takes that literally. To paraphrase, the question asked is, what does your obituary say? If it is not what you want it to be – what does that look like? To get there – we must build our lives now to reflect what we want later. What we need now, will impact us in the end, in some way. In a world where people are skipping lunch breaks to get another hour at the office in, we have to think of ourselves. Show grace to ourselves. Like the travel steward/stewardess teaches us – put the air mask on ourselves first… then care for others.

“Ok dude – you bounced all over the place…” a reader is kindly pointing out. Yes, indeed I have. But all of it is related. The time that I am setting aside to think and self reflect. To plan the next steps as I fall down time mountain. What does grace to me look like? How do I get the coveted “me time?” Maybe I do have to schedule it. I see the value though. To get from here to there I must walk through this. Take it piece by piece; moment by moment. So there it is. The reflection. The summation of thought into a title. The why of the what, according to Simon Sinek. A journey that will continue. Everything does, in fact, have a place. And I hope to continue to be able to find those places.

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My name is Joe. I have two blogs that I maintain. thebusinessdude.blog, a business/career improvement space and apfe.home.blog, a general blog that contains a variety of thoughts on different topics. I live in Lawrence, KS, work as a Continuous Improvement Manager. I am working on two books and continuing education. I enjoy life with my Q, my kids, Kazho and Sox

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