Moving Day.

The fun of moving day. Boxes, boxes and guess what??? More boxes!

Did I mention that I dislike moving? So the next phase is underway. I moved from my apartment at the end of my lease to Q’s. Yesterday, we got the garage door opener for the house we are both moving to, together. A new chapter in life is about to begin. It is exciting really. The physical labor part can be taxing though, which only makes sense. Take stuff – shove it into boxes – move it – take it out of boxes. A lot goes into the process really. This is probably my 12 move since I have been an adult, if 12, then it would be more. Quite a bit more if you count a few stops along the way. I am blessed though, so I do not want to sound like I am complaining beyond just a sigh of work… I took off TH – SUN this week to make it happen and we have made good progress so far. I hired a couple people to help with the piano and china cabinet, tomorrow. We also get the keys tomorrow.

I am about 1/3 of the way done with Chapter 18 of my novel. We are taking some winding roads friends. It make take a week to finish this one based on the moving. BUT I do have all 30+ chapters outlined. That may change slightly based on a new life that is taking place right now. We will see.

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Published by i am an author, but just a plain joe.

My name is Joe. And I am plain. And that, friend, is okay by me. I really enjoy writing and have a few things in process at any given moment. I fancy sci-fi and also a good drama. I often have my nose in a business/educational type book. Ignore me if I am snoring :) I have a wonderful Q, two wonderful fur-babies, and several children in my life. I am truly blessed. I hope that you read something of mine - smile and enjoy it. That's it. I am complete with that. ~joe

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