…just married – COVID style

A COVID-19 Style Wedding, August 28, 2020.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! We did it. After 1 1/2 years(+) of putting up with each other, we decided to go all in. It was the right decision, and one of the happiest moments of my life, outside of the birth of my children. There have been a lot of things that I have done to weave in and out and up and down the roads of life… But this one was both calculated and aligned by forces outside of my control. Sometimes things come together and we have to appreciate all of the things that had to move or change to get to the now we are experiencing.

On August 28, 2020, I left work sick. Not sure if it was something that I had eaten or someone suggested heat exhaustion from the prior day. All of which makes sense considering there has been a lot of housework with the recent move. I had gone into work around 5 AM and came home around 9 AM. I laid in bed for a bit and Lindsay texted me from our office upstairs. “A judge can marry us tonight.” Whoa… We had sent in for a marriage license and also asked for a judge to preside over the ceremony. We assumed it would be a few days, and we would be able to pick times A, B, C… etc. When Judge McCabria got back with us, it was sudden. Tonight. After pondering for a few moments, I sent a text back… “Lez do-wit!” And so it began.

Jan 26, 2019, we met and have been perusing each other every since. April 30th, I had written a proposal letter to Lindsay, “Q”, that I didn’t want to start May without her as my fiance. She accepted and we continued merging our lives. (Hey, when you have a lot of baggage, you have to do some sorting, LOL.) So, right after her text, I ran around town to pay the ceremony fee at the courthouse and we continued our day. We even took a nap. Looking back it’s funny. We were getting married that evening and said – hey let’s rest. At 5 PM, she put on her dress. I put on my suit jacket. We prettied up and organized our living room. We needed to get the right angle for the laptop since we were being married over a Zoom meeting. We took a few moments to light some candles, and decorate a little. And at 05:30 PM, our witnesses, the judge and Lindsay and I logged into the meetings. You can watch it here, or below…

We had the ceremony and recorded it. Only 6 minutes to change our lives legally and forever. So – despite the COVID and despite all the obstacles – we did it. We are making a life – hell-or-high-water. We are making it… As we both say, “It’s what we do…”

So over this Labor Day weekend, I hope you can pause. Take a moment to reflect on the things that led up to now. There are great things that have aligned. There are terrible things that have taken place. But each of them led to the results you are living in. You had a path that got you to now… right now… even reading this post. Call it divine intervention or call it “The Butterfly Effect” (which I think you should watch the movie and watch Sliding Doors while you are at it – oh and watch About Time ). You do not have to be a religious person to count your blessing. And friends, we are blessed. The politics will go away (sure we may be a communist or fascist nation by then), but you will still have memories. There will be good times. There will be loved ones along the way. Maybe you have had a rough day or maybe a rough week, hell, a year even… Take today off, prop your feet up, and celebrate. Do something that you like to do. Enjoy a moment (or two).

As always, WW.


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My name is Joe. And I am plain. And that, friend, is okay by me. I really enjoy writing and have a few things in process at any given moment. I fancy sci-fi and also a good drama. I often have my nose in a business/educational type book. Ignore me if I am snoring :) I have a wonderful Q, two wonderful fur-babies, and several children in my life. I am truly blessed. I hope that you read something of mine - smile and enjoy it. That's it. I am complete with that. ~joe

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