six months to live.

With some unimaginable news, my life was forecasted for me. Not in steps to take or how to take them as I could still blindly navigate that. It was the time that was finite. It already is, really – it always feels shorter than expected – but now it was being tracked. I could feel myContinue reading “six months to live.”

dear younger self: a letter

You are not responsible for her crying. For his roid-rage. No matter how many times you are blamed…

curve my enthusiasm: going viral

I am not going to write about kitties or puppies, pick hot topics like abortion, gender fluidity, same-sex marriage, just to get attention, clicks or traffic.

usps snail mail spam

stop USPS spam mail

I hate advertisements in my mail. Time to teach them a lesson. Snail-mail-spam is the worst. I mean with email we have built-in filters. Why can’t I opt-out of snail mail? Or that magical report spam option on my email client. Clicking “junk” is a fairly easy step to let the server bots know “yeah,Continue reading “stop USPS spam mail”

the normal voices of self-talk

Soundtrack: Florence + The Machine: Jenny of Oldstones The buzzing of the alarms. Well, one of them. “Get up.” Followed by me, “just a few more…” I have several alarms actually. So this routine could be construed as insanity by Einstein. Each alarm evokes the same knee jerk response. Sort of an auto-pilot at it’sContinue reading “the normal voices of self-talk”

the filter of a memory.

Making memories is something that all of us desire. We rush around and get anxious in the “now” but will later look at those exact moments in a different light. Time changes the perspective of things. Like a filter, the aged fingers on the clock seem to magically sift or wipe away the things thatContinue reading “the filter of a memory.”

picture perfect.

Soundtrack: Good Man, Josh Ritter in the House M.D. SoundtrackAudience: Anyone Picture perfect. No really… what does that mean to you? The waking, the doing and then the resting followed by the sleep. What does that day entail? Have you stopped to think about that recently? Or are you like me and too busy withContinue reading “picture perfect.”

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