It’s not if, but when we get it…

Knowing when you have been exposed to someone with Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not as far away as you may think, according to an article in my news feed. Using Bluetooth and location settings – you can be alerted. The idea could apply to just about anything, really. I suddenly imagined a world where criminals (sex offenders)Continue reading “It’s not if, but when we get it…”


Sh*t is going to get real people. If you are not taking this seriously, there are other ways to get your thrill of not caring. Get in a car, and drive near a cliff. I bet you can’t put one set of wheels over. I say that out of both love and frustration. I wentContinue reading “darwinism.”

wandering with sanitizer

The past couple of weeks have been… well, just plain weird. From the odd human behaviors that are happening to psychosomatic tendencies within myself, I am just tired. Is that a fever? Do I have a cold? I didn’t wash my hands – did I? Uber alertness is frankly… exhausting. And there is no lightContinue reading “wandering with sanitizer”

CoronaVirus COVID19 – i dont know what to believe

For reasons other than being sick with a flu-like predator, I stayed home today. Maybe I am not feeling well from a cold, or perhaps, it is a stress that has worn me down. There are a lot of personal moving parts that I have learned to listen to. Self-care. Sorting it out, or attemptingContinue reading “CoronaVirus COVID19 – i dont know what to believe”

fairview mo and curious police behaviors

The red and blue flashed in the rearview mirror as I pulled over, killing the manual transmission, while anxiety took over. We drove back from Eureka Springs, AR this morning. A small four-day getaway, Q planned, to make adventures and checkout of the M-F shenanigans. The trip down went smoothly. Other than uncomfortable sitting arrangementsContinue reading “fairview mo and curious police behaviors”

digg’n up bones.

Soundtrack: Randy Travis, Diggin Up Bones Grandma would be smiling right now. The last several weeks have been intense for me. And, life as it is, must continue on. Methodically, I follow through my normal routines. I beat my alarm clock. I hit snooze and groaned. The sun is still resting when I wake, which isContinue reading “digg’n up bones.”

the year turnaround.

The day started out just like any other. *Yawn* Wake up and fumble out of bed… morning routine. I grabbed my coffee and drove to work. I listened to the current book, Bounce Forward, and let my mind wander. Today was just a little bit different. And aside from the dense fog, I did notContinue reading “the year turnaround.”

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